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At Roots2Rivers, we believe that with the right support, every young person has the potential for greatness. Since 2001, our nonprofit has worked to uplift disenfranchised minority youth and help them cultivate promising futures.

Systemic inequality too often deprives motivated young people of color from access to higher education, mental healthcare, and economic opportunity. We are changing that narrative.

Our evidence-based programs, developed in partnership with leading academics, empower minority youth and young adults with the skills, mindsets, and resources to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

We help them grow roots of self-worth, identity, and community. And we pave rivers towards educational success, entrepreneurship, and becoming leaders of positive change.

Helping minority youth spread roots and reach rivers of success.


Our diverse staff includes licensed therapists, educators, business consultants, youth program coordinators, and more.

82% of our team members are people of color representing the communities we serve. We live our mission through our actions.

Shalya Boyd-Gill

Executive Director

Shayla Boyd-Gill is a business coach and owner of SBG International LLC, with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. Known for empowering six-figure female entrepreneurs to balance family, freedom, and affluence, Shayla has received prestigious awards like the Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund Forty Under 40. Shayla’s past includes various leadership roles in the Real Diaper Industry Association and ownership of BirthDiva LLC and Alyahs Alternatives LLC, promoting natural birthing options. With a Construction Engineering Technology degree from Florida A&M University, Shayla also worked as a project manager and contributed significantly to her community, notably organizing a 9/11 memorial for Bertie Backus Middle School. Her diverse expertise makes her a valuable addition to our board.

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When minority youth thrive, our whole society benefits. Together, we can build a future of equity and unity.

Join us and help cultivate the enormous potential within every young person.

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