Redefining Balance

Your 3-Minute Daily Reset

Your 3-Minute Daily Reset

Finding balance isn’t just necessary; it’s essential.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Luxe Your Business to offer a unique tool tailored for ambitious women looking to scale their success. The Luxe Your Business program provides a succinct yet comprehensive framework designed to illuminate the path to a healthier, more robust business. It’s your time to step into your true CEO role, overcome bottlenecks in sales, marketing, and team management, and achieve a sales strategy that consistently attracts high-value clients.


Together with Luxe Your Business we partnered up to craft the “Redefining Balance” mini-course, specially designed for the busy entrepreneur. Each bite-sized lesson, approximately 3 minutes long, is packed with actionable insights and strategies to help you navigate the complexities of work-life integration.

What You'll Discover:

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Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives

About Us

At Roots2Rivers, we believe that with the right support, every young person has the potential for greatness. Since 2001, our nonprofit has worked to uplift disenfranchised minority youth and help them cultivate promising futures.

Systemic inequality too often deprives motivated young people of color from access to higher education, mental healthcare, and economic opportunity. We are changing that narrative.

Our evidence-based programs, developed in partnership with leading academics, empower minority youth and young adults with the skills, mindsets, and resources to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

We help them grow roots of self-worth, identity, and community. And we pave rivers towards educational success, entrepreneurship, and becoming leaders of positive change.

Shalya Boyd-Gill

Executive Director

Shayla Boyd-Gill, owner of SBG International LLC, is a seasoned business coach with over 20 years of experience. She is recognized for her work in empowering female entrepreneurs and has been awarded the Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund Forty Under 40. Shayla has held leadership roles in various organizations and owned businesses promoting natural birthing options. A Florida A&M University graduate in Construction Engineering Technology, she has also made significant community contributions. Her diverse expertise makes her an invaluable board member.

Helping minority youth spread roots and reach rivers of success.