Roots2Rivers Foundation


Scholarships Opening Doors for First-Generation Minority Students

Our Needs-Based Scholarship Fund has been a life-changer for talented minority youth who are the first in their families pursuing higher education…

Tiana was working multiple jobs on top of high school to support family. Our scholarship made it possible for her to enroll at her dream college and focus on studying instead of finances. She graduates next year and plans to teach in low-income schools.

The cost of university seemed unattainable for Jamal until he received our scholarship. Being able to afford tuition freed him to excel academically. He just completed a Bachelor’s in Engineering and has a job lined up.

For Shantel, our scholarship reduced the student debt burden she faced as a first-generation college student. Without the constant financial stress, she achieved better grades and took advantage of meaningful internships.

For 20 years, our fund has been opening doors for motivated students to access education and create better futures through careers serving their communities. Receive scholarship updates and meet more incredible recipients!